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Whether it's high performance marketing or an effortless performing sales channel, idealo brings together the best of both worlds. idealo has made itself a name in the marketing business in the past two decades. Its highest value has always been it's transparency to customers and non-bidding policy for merchants. That means that rankings on idealo can not be bought, but are determined by what in most cases is most important to customers - the price of a product.

Additional info:


idealo reinvented itself by partnering the outstanding marketing channel with a high performance sales channel through idealo Direktkauf in 2017. This brings higher conversion rates and additional sales to all participating merchants - without cannibalizing the amount of transferred leads from idealo. In the past 12 months idealo has added lots of features for its business customers such as providing access to automated pricing within a fixed range and higher visibility on the idealo platform.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

With idealo Direktkauf customers in Germany have access to over 330 Million offers from over 50.000 merchants with only one account and with a streamlined as well as a super convenient check out process. That is unique to the market.