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Product / Service Description:

Hatimeria is an industry-leading Magento Agency based in Switzerland, Poland, and The Netherlands. We are proud to have developed Deity (deity.io), a fully headless front-end SPA PWA. Our latest Magento 2 store reference using Deity: https://atelierrebul.com. The store was built using Magento 2 as "e-commerce engine" and WordPress for content management. The front-end is a self-developed ReactJS SPA PWA with server-side Node.js rendering. Hatimeria strives to work with newest technologies in order to serve its clients as best as possible and to attract the best developers.

Additional info:

The technology used for our front-end leads to faster page load times, easier theming, and near endless development potential. The site offers nice URLs and is fully indexed by Google.


"Deity" is our headless SPA PWA based on ReactJS, Node.js, and Express Framework. We also use Babel and Webpack.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

Using Deity, which is built to outperform competing products, we try to stay ahead of our competition.