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Seven Senders

Product / Service Description:

Internationalization may represent both an enormous potential and challenge to aspiring online shops. Increasing customer expectations for delivery time and associated costs have led to a critical level of delivery complexity, especially in the field of cross-border delivery. This is where Seven Senders comes in. Through using its virtual carrier network, Seven Senders connects online shops with European premium carriers, facilitating carrier selection tailored to the requested service level at the lowest cost. To achieve this, Seven Senders bundles parcel deliveries of multiple online shops, subsequently feeding them into existing local carrier networks.

Additional info:

Every country in Europe already has several excellent last mile carriers to provide customers of online shops an ideal shipping experience. Only the integration of these carriers remains a big challenge for online shops today. Seven Senders connects local carriers with European online shops and guarantees maximum control over all packages with process transparency in real time using our software solutions.


Seven Senders currently sends almost half a million parcels to e-commerce customers all over Europe every month. Each connected online retailer has access to a software solution that analyses delivery times, delivery and return rates in real time, and ensures seamless tracking from pick-up to delivery. In addition to lower shipping costs and shorter delivery times, online merchants benefit from the high level of transparency in parcel shipping.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

YOU SELL. WE DELIVER. That’s the guiding principle at SEVEN SENDERS. We optimize all processes after checkout and provide customers with a unique shopping experience until their goods are delivered. Every shop that wants to convince customers in foreign markets must be as fast as the local competition and must be able to offer the delivery services the market is used to - SEVEN SENDERS makes that possible.