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We are living in a time when social media allows us to connect with each other in ways never before possible. We can create real and meaningful relationships online. Brands can harness the power of these relationships to introduce their products and services to new audiences, strengthen their brand image and build online communities. We built InfluencerDB to help marketing professionals develop, nurture and improve these relationships by providing insightful metrics that measure social interactions and expose fake influencers. We help companies find diamonds in the rough: those influencers who can create real value.

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We invest in amassing the most valuable social media data from Instagram, and soon YouTube. We have developed actionable and relevant algorithms to help marketers understand the most important KPIs with potential partners. We produce insightful and relevant educational opportunities through our blog and monthly webinars.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

InfluencerDB provides its clients with a holistic solution for influencer marketing. Built on the pillars of scientific data, software-based processes and professional education, we provide a toolset unlike any other on the market. With our all-encompassing approach, we build understanding, deepen knowledge and create experience – everything our clients need to adapt and be successful. We give professionals the opportunity to get started right away with influencer marketing analyses and insights without a paying a dime.