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Product / Service Description:

PayU is a leading online payment service provider, facilitating simple cross-border solutions for merchants of all sizes. PayU is a hyper-local company, having a highly global presence but a deeply local expertise in 17 emerging markets, including Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Provision of all payment methods in these markets establishes full connectivity and a strong footprint, unlocking access to more than 2.3 billion consumers. Through collaboration and partnerships, we combine innovative solutions, security and technological reliability, ensuring the access to the best financial services for e-businesses.

Additional info:

As 2/3 of global cross border e-commerce revenue will come from Asia, Latin America, Mid Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa it is advisable to have a local payments partner to avoid complexities. In light of this, PayU provides global merchants with the ability to offer alternative payment methods to reach the majority of the customers in each country. Thus, improving customer experience and ensuring greater revenues through higher approval rates due to the usage of local acquiring banks.


- The PayU Hub is a single API integration enabling global borderless online payments amongst 2.3 billion consumers within 17 high growth markets. - LazyPay is a "shop now, pay later" solution in India. - PayU Płacę Później (Buy Now, Pay Later) is a credit solution in Poland in collaboration with Kreditech. - PayU Raty offers the ability to pay in instalments for online purchases in Poland. - PayU te Fía is a Buy Now, Pay Later solution in Colombia.

What is the difference between competitive solutions?

PayU is a PSP market leader in emerging markets. Through the PayU Hub, we provide global merchants access to all traditional and locally preferred payment methods across 17 markets. By providing hyper-local payment solutions, PayU ensures high conversion rates and seamless customer experience. Additionally, PayU uses innovative techniques to create credit solutions allowing consumers and small businesses access to risk free credit services globally.