Best Sales Generating Tool (from lead to the customer)

Nowadays sales generating tools are one of the most important digital assistance to every sales team. In e-commerce these tools play a key role in supporting sales teams in the process of generating leads and eventually future customers which is why they are a must-have in our E-commerce Awards.

Increased productivity, more capable lead scoring and enhanced conversion rates are criteria taken into consideration when reviewing all submissions. Benefits will be given to participants able to submit case study material demonstrating any of the previously mentioned factors.

New service / offer / solution for customer relationship management - from acquisition to retention: lead acquisition, customer loyalty, CRM programme / tool, retargeting / pre-targeting and targeting, newsletter, customer review management system, couponing, subscription...)

Best Customer Communication Tool

As customer happiness has become a more popular term, many companies have come to realise the importance of client communication. Being in touch with your user base, to build and leverage a relationship with them has shown to be of great benefit for companies.

Our Best Client Communication Tool will be given to services which help businesses support their customers. Customer service and CRM, from ticketing systems to end-to-end user journey monitoring, must be supported by real-world evidence of success in the form of client testimonials or case studies.

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Deadline for Submissions: December 20, 2017, EOD !

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Best Solution for International Expansion

International expansion is one of the most important factors in the e-commerce industry. This category is dedicated to the providers who helping develop businesses around the world. "Go global" is a crucial thing here and all examples how your tool or service helps seling on the foreign markets are warmly welcome.

Best Logistics Solution

Logistics service providers are more popular by the day. However, with the increasing amount, it is hard to choose the ‘right’ one. This category will be able to enable the best logistics service providers not only to speak in front of an audience comprising of future beneficial contacts but also cover topics such as supply chain or order taking to final fulfilment for organisations still in need of a perfect logistics solution.

New uses, new offers to optimize the process of preparation / delivery / reverse logistics, environmental protection, after-sales requests management on social media.

Best Platform / Shop Software

Components, accessories, innovative shopfitting, design. This Award will recognise platforms who have moved beyond digital displays and point digital offerings to create an immersive, connected and compelling realisation of this next iteration of retail.

Eligible software services include e-commerce website plugins, customer-facing solutions or back-end organizational software. Applicants must provide evidence of business improvement – whether increased efficiency, sales, conversions, usability, etc. Again, case study materials or market research may be beneficial.

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Deadline for Submissions: December 20, 2017, EOD !

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Best payment provider

Best Online Payments Solution is open to any payments solution being used to purchase goods/services online/ digitally/virtually, whether by a business or a consumer. The E-commerce Awards recognise customer service, excellence and innovation in the German payments industry. Winning entries come from those companies, individuals and organisations who have launched and/or implemented the most outstanding payments solutions, initiatives and projects during the past year.

Best analytics / BI solutions

Another award with a focus on data-driven services, the judges are looking for data collection systems and intelligent analytics to help guide business decisions. Innovation is critical here, and there is no reliance on case study materials for successful applicants (although where given, it will be taken into consideration).

The Best Agency

The Agency of the Year Awards is the most prestigious award of the year given by the E-Commerce Berlin Expo. The award recognizes extraordinary accomplishments of an agency offering services to e-commerce businesses operating on the German market. The receiver of this award has proven to solve industry needs with innovative strategies and game-changing solutions. Submit your application for the Agency of the Year award if you think your company qualifies!

Submit your contest proposal for E-commerce Awards.
Deadline for Submissions: December 20, 2017, EOD !

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